The first step was to map out the grocery shopping experience from the process of making a list to actually eating the purchased good. I identified problem points for each step involved. 
 Next, I looked into existing application in this space and found four main areas of focus.
 I chose to focus on Health when designing my solution to making shopping more efficient, meaningful, and fun. The goal that I set was to find a way to easily keep track of the foods you are purchasing.
 I chose to focus on young adults as my user group when designing this application. I selected this group because this was the audience that I had best access to at the time for potential user testing and would be easier to work with due to time constraints (2 weeks). I narrowed in on two main factors, health conscious and mobile focus, to keep in mind when considering this group after talk to five people in this demographic. I also provided a quick persona sketch for better context.
 This is the general overview of the application.
 Above is the main screen of Grocery Log. The main focus is this visual distribution of foods from the user's shopping trip.
 This shows how multiple trips can be viewed in the application so the user can access previous information.
 The general application flow focused on three main actions. The main flow that I've focused on is building a "New Trip" and making that entry process as easy as possible.
Shefali_IdeanFinal 10.png
Shefali_IdeanFinal 11.png
 I made three key assumptions when designing this application: 1) That the store databases would be able to quickly produce the QR code needed 2) A powerful backend structure could be implemented to keep the graphics smooth 3) And that users will know that this app is not the ultimate solution to being more healthy
Shefali_IdeanFinal 13.png
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